Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your favorite films?

Hey guys, I'm in the process of moving about 300 miles so there might not be many new posts coming from me for the next few days, it's getting pretty hectic! Thanks again you guys for the support, I really do appreciate it. Until then, let's start a discussion about our favorite films. What are yours?

Mine change often, but my top 5 usually looks like this:

1. Sunshine
2. Frost/Nixon
3. Inglourious Basterds
4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
5. Apollo 13

BONUS ROUND: What was your favorite film of 2010? I'd probably say it's a three way tie between Inception, The Social Network, and Black Swan.

So anyways, give me a few days and I'll continue posting updates with my artwork!


  1. the ones you listed, good taste

  2. Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, Blade Runner, Heat

  3. Inception was pretty awesome.

    Favorite films include: Equilibrium, Batman begins, the A-Team(new one), Van Wilder.

  4. okay, so my favorite films are: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Triangle, Pineapple Express, District 9 and A Walk to Remember (i cried my eyes out when i watched this film. haha)

    also, i did enjoy Inception. it was a pretty great film.

  5. Favorites- Mulan, Inherit the Wind, Little Miss Sunshine, Star Trek (the new one), and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I don't care what you say about SW Ep 1, I loved it as a kid.

    And you know how I felt about Inception, Sam ;)

    In other news, I love your blog.

    Hearts and crap,
    Your #1 creepy fangirl

  6. Inception was definitely the best of 2010, followed closely by Social Network. I've yet to see Black Swan!
    Social Network I believe has the better soundtrack, although Hans Zimmer is a god. If I could sit down and have lunch with anyone in Hollywood, it would be him. I would hope some of his godliness would rub off on me. Pure talent.

    Can't wait until you are down here so we can criticize the movies of 2011 together! Also, I'm most likely taking the intro film class next quarter, so we can take it at the same time!

    love you.

  7. Good, but you should give foreign films a shot.

    Sin Nombre
    Perro Como Perro
    This is England
    Somer's Town
    Dead Man's Shoes
    The Rise of the Footsoldiers.

  8. Chronicles of Riddick-- a must see scifi epic!

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  10. Not necessarily my fovorite, but good flicks none the less.

    Alpha Dog
    Dead Snow
    Let the Right One In

    Also, following.

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    inglorious basterds

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  13. Frost/Nixon was great, though believe it or not I haven't seen any of your other top 5 movies.

    One of my favorite movies is the Chronicles of Riddick.